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Abbie Cat is one of our wildest newcomer mixed wrestler! She is a natural talent, immediately on her firt fight she applyed the wrestling holds just the way they should be applied, and made her opponent very sweaty.

Her face is beautiful, her body is perfect - skinny, but feminim and very muscular - her attitude is the best... what else do we need for a sexy, wild, mixed wrestler?


Additional Info

  • Born 1989
  • Height 170 cm / 5´6
  • Weight 54 kg / 117 pounds
  • Profile bikini mw, fantasy mw, erotic mw, custom videos, private session
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She is a beautiful and sooooooo very sexy, tall and big amazon! She enjoys being in erotic videos, just as to dominate or even hurt guys. They mean nothing to her, she doesn't look for love, she only looks for adventure. She wrestles in a rather erotic way, and it is very enjoyable to watch her flexible body all over the opponent.


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Aisa has a very good genetic: she is muscular and nicely toned, even when she is not doing any sports. However, she did athletics before, she is doing running now and started wrestling not so long ago... It looks like that we have a new talent. For private sessions. Please, inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional Info

  • Born 1976
  • Height 164 cm / 5'4
  • Weight 57 kg / 125 pounds
  • Profile bikini mw, fantasy mw, private session, traveling session wrestler
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Honey-colored Aleska from your dreams came out and proved that princesses can also wrestle!
You must have had a good evening that after you had such a sweat dream with this girl.

She is beautiful, entertaining, and is a natural for mixed wrestling and domination on guys. On her very first fight she showed most of the holds, and disgraced Sunny. Keep up with such dreaming!

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Aliz is a crazy girl, who is into everything! The crazier the issue, the more excited she becames, and her funny, entertaining, but very sexy attitude comes to alive in a minute.

Additional Info

  • Born 1987
  • Height 173 cm / 5´7
  • Weight 54 kg / 119 pounds
  • Profile bikini mw, fantasy mw, erotic mw
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Angel Rivas is a Russian modell, who is young, pretty, and loves life! She is into everything, and loves to show herself. If it is modeling, erotic movie or wrestling fight: doesn't matter for her, she just want to be in front of the camera.

Additional Info

  • Born 1991
  • Height 165 cm / 5´5
  • Weight 52 kg / 116 pounds
  • Profile bikini mw, fantasy mw, erotic mw
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Angelica Heart is on of the prettiest and hottest sex bomb! It is a pity that you don't know her personally, because she is also the kindest and funniest girl around.

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Ani is a professional body builder for many years. Her body is amazing: only muscles, and all of it she gained using only natural supliments, and, of course, lots of training. She has been wrestling for about two years, and obviously she gains advantage on her opponent because of her weight and strength. She also has a good knowledge of the holds.

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Anita is a fresh new wrestler, but she has such a natural talent! Her wish is to fight every day. She learns everything in seconds, and with her given strength and hot temper she fights like a machine. She enjoys the most the mixed fights, where she can degradation and beat up man in a competitive battle!

One of our fans wrote recently about Anita:
"She is quiet and a very true young lady. I am really impressed, how strong and aggressive she is. She learns very quickly. I showed her some things, and she remembered and used them. She fights like a guy (intensely and aggressively) and I had the most difficult time with her. She was the one, that the scissors really did extremely hurt, and I had to stay away from them."

Additional Info

  • Born 1991
  • Height 175 cm / 5'9
  • Weight 68 kg / 149 pounds
  • Profile bikini mw, fantasy mw, l&c, custom videos, private session
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From Tia's club:

"My newcomer is a jung lady with incredible strong legs and some bjj experience. She started BJJ right now but she is very motivated!

She speaks Hungarian and a little bit of English. 

She is able for competitive, semi competitive, fantasy wrestling session, video and foto shooting catfight and scissor session."

Additional Info

  • Height xx cm / x'y
  • Weight x kg / y pounds

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