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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)


Abbie Cat is one of our wildest newcomer mixed wrestler! She is a natural talent, immediately on her firt fight she applyed the wrestling holds just the way they should be applied, and made her opponent very sweaty.

Her face is beautiful, her body is perfect - skinny, but feminim and very muscular - her attitude is the best... what else do we need for a sexy, wild, mixed wrestler?



Honey-colored Aleska from your dreams came out and proved that princesses can also wrestle!
You must have had a good evening that after you had such a sweat dream with this girl.

She is beautiful, entertaining, and is a natural for mixed wrestling and domination on guys. On her very first fight she showed most of the holds, and disgraced Sunny. Keep up with such dreaming!

Aliz is a crazy girl, who is into everything! The crazier the issue, the more excited she becames, and her funny, entertaining, but very sexy attitude comes to alive in a minute.


Angel Rivas is a Russian modell, who is young, pretty, and loves life! She is into everything, and loves to show herself. If it is modeling, erotic movie or wrestling fight: doesn't matter for her, she just want to be in front of the camera.


Angelica Heart is on of the prettiest and hottest sex bomb! It is a pity that you don't know her personally, because she is also the kindest and funniest girl around.


Athina is another talented erotic model, who has the right attitude to become a very good wrestler. Her body is also just perfect, muscular, toned, but not skinny, not to mention her pretty face!


We started to cooperate with an agency, for your biggest enjoyment, and I think, it was indeed a good idea! so from now on, not only beautiful new girls we'll have, but it looks like that also talented fighters!

Cathy Heaven is also from, and she is a Goddess! Her body is incredible: pretty, feminin, but muscular and strong - you see the consciousness behind her look. Her attitude is feminim but professional at the same time: indeed wants to win over her opponent!
Just watch her very first fight, and tell me, if she'll really have a nice future in this field?

Denis Sky is our upcoming new star. It looks like that she has all we need: a sexy, muscular body, a long sport experience, enjoyment while wrestling and dominating and spectacular face-expressions.

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