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Sophie Featured

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Sophie has shoulder-length light brown hair and slim, but surprisingly strong body. She has much wrestling experience, and many winning fights. Her strengths are her very strong scissors, and even if she is in much pain, she wouldn't submit. She is one of our prettiest and best!

One of our fan wrote recently about Sophie:
"She is exceptionally beautiful. Her style of clothes and appearance makes one believe, she is a model. She walks with grace and confidence. Underneath, she is very calm and sweet. But, has fire and is a quick learner. She does not look strong, but she is. Her smile is intoxicating. Her most dangerous move is the grapevine. My legs still hurt."

One of our fan's wrote about her after December 20th, 2008 event:
"Sophie has increased her strength and is very calm as she wrestles. Her strength at keeping an  opponent's arm trapped while she applies her headscissors creates a second tension and pain on the neck."


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