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Frankie has always been a little hardcore but this takes the cake.  Darrius expected a quick, touchy-feely brawl followed by some sick lovin'... at least that's what he was lead to believe.  More specifically, Frankie told him privately that foreplay on the mat makes the "real deal" that much better.  So I guess that makes this a date?  What Darrius doesn't get is that Frankie's idea of foreplay is: let your opponent think he's the man, let him hear you groan, sigh in agony, beg for submission... then laugh out loud as you pummel his ass into the ground!   Sick bitch!


Frankie battles her newest challenger "the masked grappler" blind-folded in this new handicap submissions only matchup. Not wanting to lose, the mask grappler attacks his blind opponent hard & fast! Scissor locks, backbreakers and straddles galore! Blind folded or not, Frankie is tough as nails!


Frankie vs. Steele

A long string of victories have finally driven Frankie's ego thru the roof!  As far as she's concerned, today's match up will be just like every other... a one sided beat down!  Known only as Steele, Frankie's opponent is a total mystery. Curious is his odd "James Dean" like demeanor and intense, glaring eyes.  At first sight, a guy like this would make any opponent a bit leery... except of course for Frankie!


Frankie vs. Randy

Randy is on a quest to take down the biggest, baddest wrestlers, grapplers and martial artists he can find. Today he comes to our studio in Southern California to face his first ever female opponent, Frankie!  Randy isn't the least bit concerned, he's beaten some bad ass dudes without losing a single contest so what could "Little Miss Tits" possibly do to him?  You might say Frankie's unexpected loss to Steele has put her fragile ego a bit on edge lately!  Two desperate personalities colliding on the oiled match... always fun to watch!


Frankie looks better than ever taking on the Russian grappler Vasily in this apartment house match up. Sexy submissions are won by both competitors but only one will walk away in the end. Scissor locks, leglocks, chinlocks, hair pulling, etc...

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