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2011 Auditions: Day 1 It's that time of the year again... Women of all walks of life coming out of the woodwork to make it in the underground wrestling circuit. Star recruiter (and veteran wrestler) Hellion has seen it all... young, old, rich, poor... all wanting their chance to fight! Two auditions are scheduled today and Hellion's job is to weed out the weaklings... a job he enjoys a little too much if you know what I mean! The first hopeful is some blonde chick from the east coast. Our star recruiter can tell from her picture, more tits than brains! Kelly shows up right on time, not a bad start in this business, but can she last 20 minutes in the ring against a real male fighter? Hellion doesn't think so! Either way, he'll slap this wannabe chick around for a while and move on to the next willing candidate... Kelly on the other hand has a different day planned... Kicking this muscle head's ass is step one in taking down every man on the circuit! Time to let this sexy grappling beat down begin!


Rocky vs Kelly

A wrestling stud like Rocky should not be suffering such a disgracing loss at the hands of that big mouth chick, Reese. That arrogant little snot really got under his skin. No matter, Rocky's next encounter will put things right. His next opponent will pay dearly for this "once in a life time" loss! So imagine the look on his face when another girl (Kelly) shows up at his door! Kelly's got it all, a great body, strength, talent and of course a desire to pound some flesh! But can Kelly defend herself against a riled up grappling god on a mission?

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