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effc19. Caroline vs. Orsi.b - Bridge

Thursday, 24 October 2013 11:16 Read 292924 times
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"I would like the girls to start wrestling in thongs. There will will be a lot of near pin situations where the girls desperately try to bridge as high as possible on their toes. Every bridge situation does not have to end in a pin but the girls can avoid the pin and sometimes turn the opponent into a dangerous near pin situation so the girls previously in charge of the wrestling match now have to bridge to avoid being pinned herself. After the first pin the pinned girl have to wrestle nude. Once a wrestler is nude and is put in a near pin situation sexual holds or moves are allowed. The girl in charge can lick the bridging girls pussy or use her fingers or suck the opponents tits to make the girl in trouble horny. The girl in charge can also use her own pussy to face-sit the bridging opponent or force the bridging girl to lick or kiss her feet."

  • Length: 17:54
  • Video size: 720 x 576, 1280 x 720
  • File size: 206 MB, 689 MB
  • Format: wmv, hd_wmv
  • Made in: 2013
  • Image set: 433 pics
  • Type of video: bikini mixed wrestling
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