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Killer take-down! 

Newcomer Hajni has challenged Kira for a fight. Hajni has been doing martial arts for years, actually, she has won several championship in here in mui tai. You will agree with us that she is very talented and we are happy to welcome her in our team. However, this fight at 6:42 suddenly has ended with Kira's serious injury, so we wish her painless and fast recovery!


Two very pretty! 

The battle of the blond and the brown - the two very pretty! When two pretty girls meet, hm... Jealousy, attraction, hate - until going to the ground and find out who is the better in wrestling. Take a guess, who wins! Some problems with audio and pic quality.


Small girl against this big guy! 

And, it seems that Ricsi likes Orsi, but he is in for a big surprise. He wouldn't want to be beaten, to loose his dignity and masculinity, but Orsi has been practicing martial art for years, and her head- and arm-locks, scissors, T-crosses and schoolboy pins are just perfect to teach someone like Ricsi, until leaving him on his knees! There is no audio and medium quality pic, unfortunately.


Pretty and fighty girls...
Two very pretty and two skilled. They are going for winning. And beleive me, they are not affraid to use many kind of holds on each other. However, Murphy was also there, so there is no audio, unfortunately.


Two ex-girlfriends!

Big luck that Eszter's boyfriend was there, when Eszter got angry at her girlfriend. It started innocently, when Tina asked her to show wrestling holds... Soon Tina felt disgraced not be able to escape. She was only a ragdoll between Eszter's arms and legs. She was whining, grizzling, sniveling and whimpering. Eszter got really pist off that her girlfriend is not able to fight back, and knew no mercy!

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