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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

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Nesty is a super-talented actress, an erotic model, who is just perfect for maledom videos! And altough she is small, she has an attitude also to kick some guys' asses!


Athina is another talented erotic model, who has the right attitude to become a very good wrestler. Her body is also just perfect, muscular, toned, but not skinny, not to mention her pretty face!


Cute and pretty girl, you would like to take care of her, but then you'd be surprised, as she is a real domina!


"The girls start with a pussy king play. Which makes it more sexy? After some move the fight begins. The winner takes place at the chessbord and the loser has to lick the pussy. I like the pussy and the king, and i like the loser should lick the winners pussy."



"I would like the girls to start wrestling in thongs. There will will be a lot of near pin situations where the girls desperately try to bridge as high as possible on their toes. Every bridge situation does not have to end in a pin but the girls can avoid the pin and sometimes turn the opponent into a dangerous near pin situation so the girls previously in charge of the wrestling match now have to bridge to avoid being pinned herself. After the first pin the pinned girl have to wrestle nude. Once a wrestler is nude and is put in a near pin situation sexual holds or moves are allowed. The girl in charge can lick the bridging girls pussy or use her fingers or suck the opponents tits to make the girl in trouble horny. The girl in charge can also use her own pussy to face-sit the bridging opponent or force the bridging girl to lick or kiss her feet."


A five 3 mins round nude wrestling match in a ring.

Round 1: both ladies pulling each other hair, throw them to the ropes, there is a lot of screaming.

Round 2: Orsi b comes out pulling Nikky Thorne's hair & throwing her by her hair a few times.
Round 3: Nikky Thorne comes out looking like went to destroy Orsi b, and she gets hold of Orsi b's right arm into a backhammer lock. Orsi.b is in real pain. then Nikky Thorne throws Orsi b in the backhammer a few timea across the ring then gets her down on the mat. She goes really hard on Orsi b right arm a few times, then she puts her leg in Orsi.b's back, which result in a screaming submission.
Round 4: Nikky Thorne goes for a 2-0 win by getting Orsi b right arm again & pulls on it then put it into a back hammer again, throwing Orsi b across the ring. Suddenly Orsi b kicks Nikky Thorne in her private part who goes down screaming. But she just gets up before the count of ten only to be put into a boston cramb. She screams and submits, so it is 2:1. 
Round 5: both ladies come out looking like there were going to destroy each other. They goes against each other, lots of hairpulling, screaming, wildness, until they hit their heads together, and both fall down to the mat, loosing consciousness. Both KO, so the match was called a draw. 
Even when they were dressed up and about to leave, they started to fight verbally...

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