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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

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Wow, hot hot hot! See Ella vs. Gucci in a great and very intense oil wrestling match! Both are real wildcats and they just get wilder and wilder in the fight, so you'll love them!


Finding an opponent worthy enough to face Narcissisto is not as easy as you might think. This man is a human wrecking machine! With his long standing record of wins and only one loss (at the hands of the Gynarchist), Narcissisto is one of the toughest fighters ever to grace our studios. Tough girl Tia comes from the outskirts of Budapest. Her unusual strength and talent for grappling might serve her well as a part time session wrestler but is she prepared to take on an opponent like Narcissisto? Tia thinks she is!


Looking to smash the Gynarchist's untarnished winning streak, renowned Dutch grappler Narcissisto challenges our reigning female champion to a one on one beatdown in the oil!  Narcissisto is no push over!  He's crushed every challenger in all varieties of combat... wrestling, ultimate fighting, mauy thai (specifically Mae Mai Muay Thai) , even boxing and kung fu!  The bottom line... this guy is one ruthless bastard!  He's never met a man, nor a woman who could match his unusual strength and skill... Enter the Gynarchist!  

Featuring Orsi.b and Zsuzsa.


There's nothing Diana and L-Man love more than administering a slippery beatdown. Diana is a natural in the oil and L-Man is getting better and better by the day! With Diana by his side, L-Man knows he can and will succeed where everyone else has failed... that is, bringing Orsi to her knees! There is nothing L-Man treasures more than hearing that arrogant monster beg for mercy! Just to be sure they are in top form, Diana and L-Man slap on the liquids and have it just moments before the main event is scheduled to start. With muscles loose and bodies stretched, their resolves are unbendable... Orsi doesn't stand a chance... Yeah, right!

Featuring Orsi and Diana.


Fran vs. Goldie vs. Slayer

Lots of groping action ensues when Goldie, Fran and Slayer show up meet up for an oil wrestling three way. Slayer just can't keep his hands off Goldie's massive chest as he strips her down to the bare essentials... After Fran shows up, Goldie makes her way to the pit where Slayer oils her up, squeezing every square inch of her glistening bod in the process! When Fran enters the room, Goldie gets busy, coating her from head to toe with warm oil and feeling her up to Fran's delight! After several moments of sexy preparation, it's go time...

A "bright", 20 minutes, intensive mixed wrestling fight! 

Orsi erotically puts oil on her body, then she faces off her opponent: a guy, hiding behind a yellow mask. Was she scared then? Oh, no! She just went against him straight, intensively. No matter how slippery the oil was, she could squeeze his head, body and arms with full power. Twisted out all his body parts, and showed no mercy at all! Through a long fight she caused him much pain, so he couldn’t stand up at the end, and showed that no matter what, women dominate men!

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