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Aisa has a very good genetic: she is muscular and nicely toned, even when she is not doing any sports. However, she did athletics before, she is doing running now and started wrestling not so long ago... It looks like that we have a new talent. For private sessions. Please, inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jenna is a member of Tia's Team, with 4 years of judo background, with a strong body, and all of these makes her one of the best upcoming wrestlers!


Rebeca is trained by Tia, which is a guarantee that she will be one of the bests, soon. Her body built and quickness is also a key to her success!


Nesty is a super-talented actress, an erotic model, who is just perfect for maledom videos! And altough she is small, she has an attitude also to kick some guys' asses!


Athina is another talented erotic model, who has the right attitude to become a very good wrestler. Her body is also just perfect, muscular, toned, but not skinny, not to mention her pretty face!


Cute and pretty girl, you would like to take care of her, but then you'd be surprised, as she is a real domina!


Lana had hard time caused by Johny, so she cried out loud for help. Her girlfriend, Caroline came instantly, and she jumped on Johny. However, Johny could have deal with both girls, and he knocked out Caroline quickly.


Similar to Fight3, but with some wrestling!

Orsi.b and Sunny are wrestling on the mat. After 1 minute they stand on their knees and faced each other, then Orsi.b pulls Sunny’s head towards herself. Sunny wins the battle and picks Orsi.b up over his shoulders. Orsi.b’s legs wriggles in the air as she flails about. At the end of the 30 seconds, Sunny throws Orsi.b onto the mat. They continue wrestling, then stand on their knees and faced each other on the mat. Orsi.b pulls Sunny’s head towards herself, and pushes his head between her legs. Orsi.b wins the battle and lifts Sunny upside down. Sunny’s legs wriggles in the air as he flails about. She keeps him upside down, and he struggles in her arms. He pleads from Orsi.b again and again while Orsi.b the merciless female keeps holding Sunny upside down in this position. After a while he stops struggling and leave himself in Orsi.b’s mercy. Then Orsi.b throws Sunny onto the mat. She does that lift 4 times during wrestling.
Orsi.b stands up and looks at Sunny’s beaten body while parading around him.
Orsi.b catches escaping Sunny stands on the sofa and lifts Sunny on her shoulder, then she gives paniced Sunny a few friendly airplane spins, then parades around the room with helpless Sunny on her shoulders.
Then Orsi.b catches Sunny on his knees and his hands, and lift him upside down on the mat and holds him there. She does this 4 times, then stands up and makes Sunny onto his knees she bends down, grabs him about the waist and lift him upside down on his hands on the mat. Sunny struggles in her arms. After a while he stops struggling and leave himself in Orsi.b’s mercy. He pleads from Orsi.b again and again.
They continue wrestling. After 1 minute Sunny make Orsi.b stands on her knees and her hands. And he lifts her upside down in kunde position. She begs for mercy but Sunny keeps her upside down for 1 minute. Then he throws her to the mat.
Orsi.b is very angry. She throws Sunny around 2 or 3 times. He begs for mercy but Orsi.b keeps Sunny upside down for 30 seconds. He gently kicking to able to escape. But to no avail. After applying the main kunde lifting and holding Orsi.b twists him a little and throws him to the mat on his back. She does this lift a little aggressively 20 times, so Sunny is full of kunde.
At the end of the video Orsi.b lifts unconscious Sunny on her shoulder and takes him away.

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