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Cathy is armored this time, and beside her strong arms and legs, she has her stick now, as destroyer weapons to punish the opponent, then even force him to lick her pussy!


Cathy Heaven wants to enjoy her workout to keep her perfect body in shape. But, Peter is sneaking on her, so, she places her round ass on his face, with full weight, and jucy pussy when she is close to orgasm...


Yes! We finally can publish another video with gorgeus Cathy Heaven. You must have missed her, and it is a double pleasure to being ballbusted by her...


Many things can happen in your dreams, but in your wildest ones, you wrestle with the hottest girls, and everything is allowed...


Kindly enjoy a 43:34 minutes clip of the best parts of 2012 videos - best girls, best actions, worst defeats, hottest sex!


Nude erotic mixed wrestling fights often ends with the winning of the woman, who is, because she gained power, allowed to make the guy whatever she wants. If she feels like, she makes him to lick her pussy... Until she comes... Not worrying of the others erection... Just leave him there, defeated and disgraced... But, she leaves in satisfaction, and that is the point...
41:09 minutes clip!


Enjoy this Clip made of the Best parts, holds and wildest sex of the videos being made in August!


Continuing Bots Fight Club 2012/17 and 2012/18 fights, The Revenge! - but in a nude, sexy tougher way! The Revenge Part 4.


Continuing Bots Fight Club 2012/17 and 2012/18 fights? The Revenge! - but in a nude, sexy tougher way! Although ground and pounds, ponyplay and facesitting is the 3 most important parts in this video, the fights contains full of other movements, such as kicks, punches, knees, holds, wrestling... and all this is for that Cathy wants to defeat 2 guys...


"Although ground and pounds, ponyplay and facesitting is the 3 most important parts in this video. The fights should contain full of other movements, such as kicks, punches, knees, holds, wrestling, etc. In a word, as various as “ the bots ” Salene’s fight:

First fight

Cathy Heaven’s outfit: white short blouse, light blue tight jenas, black boots (normal heel)

Cathy Heaven comes into a guy’s house. After some short dialogue (her words and expression is cold), they begin to fight. (The fight should like the “bots style”: punches, kicks, knees, holds, wrestling, etc)

There will contains two ground and pound scene. One is in the middle of the fight. Cathy Heaven wrestles him down, mounts up on his epigastrium and starts the ground and pound (She must fully sit down on him, not only straddle. Namely, her ass should touch his body) This scene will be about 15 seconds. Then the guy manages to get rid of her. The other one is at the end of the fight. Cathy Heaven takes advantage and kicks the guy down. Then she quickly fully sits down astride his epigastrium and starts the ground and pound. It will be about 30 seconds. The guy submits after this and begs her for mercy. She asks him where another guy is. He says he will tell her while she gets off his body. She gets off him. But he just wants to run away. She quickly catches up him and wrestles him down, sits down on his face. (facing his body) After about 10 seconds she raises her ass and asks him speak or not. He says he doesn’t know. Then she sits down on his face again. This time she punches his body while sitting on his face. After about 15 seconds, she raises her ass and asks him again. He really submits and tells her the place. Cathy Heaven wants to punish and degradation him. She pushes him on all fours and rides on his back, then takes off her belt and orders him to mouth it as her rein. She rides him as a horse, orders him to crawl around the house. (Please give me about 2~3 minutes’ ponyplay scene here. Cathy Heaven must ride the guy as a real horse. She should straight her waist, grabs the rein, sits on the middle of his back, stably and firmly. Her feet should not touch the ground. Her body should not tilt. And she no need to speak a lot, just one or two “giddyap”)

Second fight

Cathy Heaven’s outfit: black corset, black tight leather pants, black boots (normal heel)

The location is a cage. ( just like the bots site “ The Grind House ” series ) Start by a ponyplay scene: Cathy Heaven rides the surrendered guy towards the cage. ( she should uses something as a rein ) The other guy sees her, and he is surprised and angry that his partner is being ridden by a girl. Cathy Heaven rides him into the cage, and still rides him around the cage. She and the other guy stares at each other. Her expression is cold, and a little proud. After riding the surrendered guy a circle around the cage, Cathy Heaven gets off him, points outside to order him go out. (just a gesture, no words) The guy crawls out like her pet. Cathy Heaven looks at the other guy. He is already furious. He rushes to her and they begin to fight. The fighting style is like the “ bots style ”, too. At the end of this fight is also a ground and pound: Cathy Heaven knocks the guy down, fully sits astride his epigastria firmly, and punches his face powerfully. This scene lasts 1 minute, until the surrendered guy who watches this fight outside sees his partner is really helpless under Cathy Heaven, so he emboldens himself to rescue him. He quietly steps into the cage and walks close Cathy Heaven’s behind. Then he suddenly holds her from behind and pulls her up. So his partner gets rid of her now, he stands up and wants to attack her in front. But Cathy Heaven raises her body up and locks his neck with her thighs… A few seconds later, all of the 3 people manage to get rid of each other.

Third fight

Cathy Heaven’s outfit: bikini and bare feet ( he takes off her second outfits)

Cathy Heaven stares at the two guys. She is furious. She takes off her tight outfit. ( Why the two guys do not attack her when she does this? Because they are attracted by her sexy movement and sexy body, although they are enemies and have hatred, they think they are 2 VS 1 so they aren’t afraid too much. Currently, they mesmerized by this sexy scene and forget what they should do…( Well, this just need some movements, no need to shoot from her start taking off outfit to the end ) But when Cathy Heaven gives one guy a hard punches to the face, their thought comes back. The final fight begins. 1 VS 2, and also the “ bots style ”. The fighting process choreography by you, too. And I just decide the end of this fight: At the end, Cathy Heaven knocks out the first-fight guy, and then wrestles or kicks the second-fight guy down and gives him a ground and pound. The ground and pound should last about 1 minute. (And all of the ground and pounds in the movie, Cathy Heaven must fully sit down on the guy, not only straddle.) She finishes him by this way. And then she wakes the first-fight guy up by a kick or some other movement. The guy sees his partner is beaten by Cathy Heaven, so he gives up and kneel down to beg her for mercy. Cathy Heaven orders him to kiss her feet, then kicks him down again and sits on his face (facing his body) to punish him. After about 15 seconds, she raises her ass and orders him to kiss and lick. (some lick to the ass groove) Then, she picks up her rein, orders him to mouth it, and rides on his back to leave the cage…

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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