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"1. The video starts with just Nikky (wearing a bikini) and Sunny. Sunny is standing with his back against the wall. He is fully dressed. Nikky is in front of him, kissing him, caressing his body, touching him and playing with him against his will. She pins him to the wall, immobilizes his hands, kisses his lips and his chest, strokes his groin, etc. She also gradually undresses him (except for his boxers or briefs). Sunny is trying to defend himself and he's crying for help. Then Joey appears, responding to Sunny's calls for help. He sees Sunny being undressed and molested by Nikky. He is shocked but he tries to help - by talking to Nikky, trying to convince her to let him go. Nikky engages in a conversation with Joey, teasing him and provoking him, smiling at him - and during all that time she continues to molest Sunny. She caresses him and strokes his groin and keeps him immobile whilst talking to Joey. She says she was going to molest Sunny but now she will molest them both. Nikky picks Sunny up and lifts him over her shoulder. She then walks towards Joey, who gets scared and attempts to run away. But Nikky is like a smiling terminator - even though she carries Sunny on her shoulder, she's still walking towards Joey and she can't be stopped. She will eventually catch him, after a short chase.

2. Nikky then pushes Joey against the wall and throws Sunny on the ground. She puts Sunny in a standing headscissor and then proceeds to undress Joey (except for his underwear), pin him to the wall, kiss him on the lips and on his chest, caress him, stroke his groin. She molests him in the same way she molested Sunny. Joey is trying to defend himself, but 
Nikky is much stronger. 
Eventually she pushes Joey on the ground as well and then she forces both men to kiss her foot and her legs, then her butt.
Then she positions them on their knees opposite each other so that they can both service her orally at the same time. She forces the face of one of the men into her butt and the other man's face into her groin. She holds their heads close to her body, preventing them from escaping or breaking free. And she is smiling and moaning with pleasure - both men have no choice but to kiss her lady parts and satisfy her. She's rubbing and grinding their faces into her crotch and butt.
3. After this she pushes one of the men on the ground and facesits him, whilst grabbing the other man in a rear headlock. She proceeds to grind her crotch into the face she's sitting on, whilst stroking the groin of the man she holds in the rear headlock. 
Then she forces the men to switch places and she continues to molest them this way.
Finally, she lets both men lie down on the ground, close to each other. She positions herself between them or on top of them, she grabs them both by their groins and she proceeds to rub and squeeze and stroke and caress their crotches. Both men are squirming and begging for her to stop, but she's massaging them till they both have their fake orgasms."


This video starts off with ballbusting, though, Abbie kicking her slave Zsolt in the nuts just for the hell of it. She slaps his face and squeezes his balls, obviously getting off on the abuse. Ballbusting isn’t all she does, though, this unpredictable Mistress giving him a blow job next.


Yes! We finally can publish another video with gorgeus Cathy Heaven. You must have missed her, and it is a double pleasure to being ballbusted by her...


Melanie Memphis is strong as hell, but we haven’t got the chance to see her in lift and carry, yet. Well, she is sexy, wild and dominative, but surprisingly also can be kind, just as in the blow job...


Enjoy a 31:27 clip, which includes all the exciting parts of the 3 previous erotic mixed wrestling videos. The most intense erotic mixed wrestling fights, best holds and, of course, very hot sex!


Karen is small, but contains twice energy as the average woman. She is a proud and dominative Russian girl, who enjoys a guy between her legs, pin him down to the floor, slapping him, kicking him, and slapping again and again. All her anger goes on Joseph, but happy when she finally makes hime come.

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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