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Welcome to European Female Fight Club!

Kiet Singh was the best underground fighter LA had ever seen. But all that changed in late 2011 when that Swedish bitch, Salene crushed him in an unsanctioned underground match we'll never forget! A severe concussion, multiple broken bones (including 4 shattered ribs) just for starters! Every second in recovery has consumed him with revenge! A return match is quickly arranged... his opponent, some New York stripper turned cage fighter named Chante. Perfect, his first match will be a blow out, just what he needs to rebuild his confidence. Be careful Chante, Kiet Singh is a jilted war machine and nothing is going to get in his way! At least... that's the plan!


Unsure how to tell him you've found another true love... Oh, and that she's a hot model too! Angelica knows how: invite your lesbian honey over to make out on your couch. Make sure your man sees you both in action. Then watch from the side, feeling yourself up while she rips him apart with her bare hands. That's how a real woman does it! Erotic stuff, not competitive wrestling.

Featuring Angelica Heart and Cathy Heaven.


Welcome to the fiery world of the hand to hand pit fighting! Sexy Anna stretches her muscles in preparation for the fight, caring little that her first opponent is a veteran male fighter. Antonio studies the well built amazon with careful eyes. He has learned never to underestimate an opponent. Within moments of entering the secret arena, the sounds of battle are bursting from the pit! Is Anna good enough to beat a strong male fighter? Will Antonio prevail against this hot body female warrior? You'll have to see to find out!


These masked marauders really live up to their names! They don't simply want to wrestle women, they want to feel them up and degradation them! Christine is no great grappler, but she is certain she can whip these jobbers thoroughly. She would be right had the cheating duo not ganged up on the unsuspecting newbie... By the end of the match, this chick will know she's been in handled by a couple of "real men!"


525 BC: Long ago... on the grounds of this ancient battlefield, a man faced a woman in a trial of fiery hand to hand combat... Within minutes, a triumphant female was standing over his broken body, her oily fingers beckoning more male rivals to fight... Out of the mist appears an African destroying machine... He is strong and ruthless but she is cunning and SHE has a plan!


525 BC: There are no gloves, no referees, no rules in this ancient, bare handed battle of the sexes. He is a strong and experienced gladiator, she a ruthless and unrelenting vixen. Both warriors highly trained in the art of ancient combat. Who will win when we put them together in the jungle fighting pits of yore? The answer might or might not surprise you...


She made a mockery of the local male fighters, even bludgeoned the champion's face until his broken body had to be dragged from the cage. Did she honestly think they'd let her just walk away? Not in this town baby! Salene barely makes it to the door before she is gripped from behind, her limp form dropping from the cruel blow to the head. The Swedish fighter is dragged deep into the belly of the grind. A dark world that makes illegal cage fighting look like a stroll thru the park! She stirs to life as heavy metal blasts in the background, her psycho captors intent on welcoming her properly to the seedy world of fiery S&M. Salene has never felt more at home... Let the fighting begin!


Jean came back, but it is a bigger news that Caroline looks fantastic! She has lost about 7 kilos, her skin is tan and her eyes are incredible blue. As per wrestling: now she is not only very pretty, but hasn't lost her skills, so uses her full power and strong legs to defeat her opponent. This is more dominative fight, in a very good quality.


With her long and skinny body she looks like a panther. She is a very pretty photo model, who had already had destroyed Hungary's almost all champions, including Diana! Obviously this has to do with her attitude: no matter what is happening, she never gives it up. Enjoy a half-and-hour clip with her, including her best moments!


Yana Baby is our new favourite! She has everything to be a star-wrestler: big and strong body, sport backround, and kind attitude, which turns to winner and dominative attitude quickly. Her gorgeous body covered with lots of beautiful tattoos, so it is a pleasure to watch her being, moving, fighting!

Client Testimonials

For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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