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"A guy has turned up to wrestle Viktoria; it is his first time for wrestling and he is nervous. Viktoria is very turned on by this and, caressing herself, says to the camera, "I think I'll have some fun with this guy!" She is in a very cruel mood and, in the first five minutes, she scissors him and hurts his back, paralysing him so that he is completely defenceless. He wants to stop but she stands over him, teasing him for a few minutes, getting more turned on by how helpless he is. All he can do is look up at her as she dances over him, showing him her perfect body. She decides to spend the rest of the 30 min facesitting him and smothering him in every possible way, occasionally standing over him and teasing him before lowering herself onto him again. All the time he is begging her to stop but she is smiling and laughing all the time and getting really turned on as he suffocates under her. She stands back up and he tells her that if she sits on him again it will destroy him; she smiles down at him and the camera shows his view of her as she slowly lowers herself onto him for the final time. She grinds herself and orgasms  on his face until he is completely still beore kissing him and walking away."


Enjoy a 44:49 clip, which includes all the exciting parts of the previous lift and carry videos!


Orsi.b and Sunny are not able to decide what program should they watch on tv. Orsi.b wants to watch a Brazilian soap opera, and Sunny succer. They decide to wrestle down this issue, and the winner win get the remote. Lots of POV action!


Be part of this outragageus experience. Watch from Sunny's view how is it feel like being lifted by two superstrong women, as you'd be there! Clip Only From His Point of View!


Be part of this outragageus experience. Watch from Sunny's view how is it feel like being lifted by two superstrong women, as you'd be there! Part2.


Be part of this outragageus experience. Watch from Sunny's view how is it feel like being lifted by two superstrong women, as you'd be there!  - Part 1. (of2)

The same story in 3 videos, in 3 different perspective!

Orsi.b and Sunny has an armwrestling competition. Orsi.b wins and tells him that she is going to tell all his friends. Sunny leaves and comes back with some handcuffs and rope. He tells her he is going to take pictures of her all tied up and show their friends. They start to wrestle. She gets him in a good figure four headscissors, a good schoolgirl pin, and a good reverse facesit, teasing him all the while... Then she grabs the cuffs and cuffs his hands behind his back. He fights not to get cuffed. She gets him up and playfully pats his face like she was boxing. She gets him down and ties his feet, then applies some more wrestling holds. He demands to be untied but she gets a gag and gags him to quiet him down. She takes a few pictures and then poses over him flexing and teasing him all the time. She teases him with the key and then leaves with the key to the cuffs.

In the second version of the video you can see the same story, but from Sunny's perspective.

In the third one you can watch it from your own perspective. Sunny is nowhere, Orsi.b is applying all the holds on you!


POV Backstage Video! If you’d like to ruin the fantasy and watch what the camera has recorded on Liviu’s head – not good, but ok quality: watch the shooting of Supergirl vs. Liviu, from Liviu's point of view!


Liviu got stuck on a high building, and he is helpless. Supergirl is walking around the city, when she hears his cry. Without hesitation she flyes there, takes him down, and carries him home in her heands. But on the way she uses many holds, and when accidentally Liviu takes off of her skirt, and he asks her if it is possible to also get a hand job, she also helps him out in this – in a very sexy way, in her hands and lap! What a lucky day for Liviu!


Best of… 2. clip – cut out from last 5 videos, including the best parts…

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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