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Worst parts Mr. Dean had to suffer from Alice and Cecilia Scott...



Alice defeats Mr. Dean in a fair and nude fight. Mr. Dean is clueless, when she starts to do a hand job on him, he enjoys it very much, but just before finishing it, Alice laughs at him and leaves...


Yvette is seducing Andras. She plays with his crotch and uses him as she sees fit. Yvettes female domination leaves Andras helpless and as he recieves pleasures from her.


Kempo Girl had a tough life, but she managed to grew herself up, and be the winner in any situation, including fights with guys! - A rematch!


It is a rematch of Adrienn and Zsolt, with the same wild action, and hot sex at the end!


4 participants at a party plays with a bottle. One turns, then has a sexy, juicy, erotic fight with the one the bottle points to. Then the other turns and so on - 4 fights in 4 parts... Lots of excitment and crazyness. Part 2 of 4, in which Diana plays with Joey, with a hand job at the end.


So, the time came, when Diana's fight turned in to an erotic mixed fight! She became more open minded or too excited, we don't know, but quickly she took off Sebastian's clothes and played with him as a cat with a mouse. Sebastian had not a single chance, he was under controll the whole time, his arms and legs were twisted out, and on top of him, a muscled, strong, cruelly and coldly smiling domina! Diana has just played with him, played with his dick, until her victory pose showed an ultimate dominance!


Best of… 2. clip – cut out from last 5 videos, including the best parts…


The robbery had such a pleasure last time that he decided to keep going into homes looking for housewives, who are naked and has the ability and will to lift and carry him. So he sneaked into Cathy Heaven’s home, and what a surprise: he indeed had luck! Cathy Heaven is a beautiful woman with incredible body. She is strong, so she can easily lift and carry him, and she is gentle and giving, so she also comforted him with a hand job. It wasn’t finish, they were about to continue in the bedroom…


Check out this very long clip, cut out from only the nude erotic lift and carry videos made lately, with 18 minutes erotic part at the end.

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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